Yarenis Aguirre

Operations Manager

Why were you interested in working for Autism Specialty Group?

During my search for new employment, I was seeking for a company that stood strong behind their motive and goals. A company that strives to provide efficient services and meet the expectations and needs of their clients. When I came across Autism Specialty Group, I was heart filled by their motive and dedication to helping their clients reach the best of their abilities and providing parents with inspiration and guidance. Thus, inspired me to be part of their team.  

What is your strongest motivator behind running day-to-day operations?

For me, it is to find and implement strategies to improve the efficiency and quality of the services provided. Effectively monitoring and managing the organizational part of the business ensures client satisfaction and supports the staff productivity and quality care.

Who are your favorite colleagues to work with?

Overall, I enjoy working with the entire team. Raquel and Christoph are dedicated and devoted to meeting the needs of all clients. Both stand behind the company’s mission to provide quality care. They will always go the extra mile to ensure that all clients receive the services they need. Melissa is genuine and truly hands on. She is constantly checking in to ensure that we are all on the same page and always open to new strategies. Her willingness to help out makes her a true team player. Thus far, it has been a wonderful experience and an inspiration working with these individuals. 

How do you like to spend your time off?

I am a proud mother of two beautiful boys and fortunate to have a supporting husband. I enjoy spending my time off with my family and loved ones. I also enjoy hosting cookouts and picnics, enjoying the beach, and traveling.