Nicholas Falcone

Senior Clinical Area Manger

How long have you been part of the team at Autism Specialty Group?

I have been in the field of ABA for about six years. I have worked at Autism Specialty Group for the past two year, during which, I feel I have grown and acquired new skills to better serve families in need within our community.

 Why should people work at Autism Specialty Group?

Why would one choose to work anywhere? As they say, set and setting truly does make a difference. Autism Specialty Group provides a culture and environment that fosters growth and success, while also upholding the highest ethical standards. They are willing to go through great lengths to ensure their RBTs have a full schedule and the necessary tools for them to succeed. Growth opportunities are provided to more seasoned RBTs to succeed as Behavior Analysts.  

Did you always wanted to be a Behavior Analyst?

I would say not; however, I have always had an interest in psychology and why human beings do the things they do. I stumbled upon this up and coming field during my undergraduate studies at Florida International University. I was fascinated early on by the way in which one can modify and teach behavior using this science in such a successful manner. This field has truly allowed me to service the needs and enrich the lives of families here in South Florida. Ultimately, I would say it has been one of my better choices.

 How do you spend your free time?

Well, to refer back to an earlier question relating to why one would want to work at Autism Specialty Group, is that I actually have free time to enjoy myself.  I enjoy staying active, working out and lifting weights (helps me keep up with my clients!). I would consider myself to be a fairly artistic and visual person, so I try and make time for drawing and opportunities to explore my creative side. Some other honorable free time mentions: reading, nature, concerts, and discovering new places to eat. The good thing about free time in general is that it allows one to explore new things to do in that time, so it is an ever-changing list.

What is your favorite vacation place?

Places I enjoy vacationing? I do enjoy the island of Aruba and making my way back up to Chicago every so often. Hm... Maybe I will start using my free time to discover new places to vacation. As I said before, it is an ever-changing list.