Maggie Castro Turuseta

Junior Clinical Area Manager

Why were you interested in working for Autism Specialty Group?

I think that Autism Specialty Group provides me with what I have been looking for in a workplace; a good team of professionals committed to the work they do and conditions for professional growth.

What do you enjoy most about your work?

For me, a great satisfaction is to be able to help the most vulnerable people. I want to contribute hope, my heart, and all my knowledge as part of the transformation towards a better quality of life.

Did you always wanted to work in the Behavior Analysis field?

Not really. I first trained as a psychologist and after discovering the field of ABA, it changed my life. This career provides me with new skills as well as tools that allow me to grow professionally.

How do you like to spend time off?

I love music. In fact, I studied music for many years and really enjoy playing the piano, watching American Idol programs! Also, I like concerts, movies, and everything related to art because it fascinates me. I like to spend time with animals, especially dogs, and with my family.